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"Speech of His excellency Dr. Mousa Abu Zaid "The Honorary President of Basmet Amal Association

the Honorary President of Basmat Amal Foundation 
His Excellency  Dr. Musa Abu Zeid

Our high charitable mission with its heavy burdens, and in light of the difficult circumstances and challenges we are going through, we have to work seriously in facing the challenges facing cancer patients, which requires sincere work and dedication in order to intensify the efforts focused on providing support and support to this segment over the course of seven years. Basmat Amal Foundation for Cancer Patients Care seeks with all its energy and capabilities to support and support cancer patients, and what distinguishes it is that the energy in it during the past years are people who are all volunteers characterized by creativity, desire for challenge and love of good, they always strive for the best by making their utmost efforts in providing various services to cancer patients And it seeks integration in providing psychological, moral and material support to cancer patients in the Gaza Strip, where the various programs of the Foundation perform all roles to deliver this message and achieve this goal, including the transportation program, the psychological and social support program, the education program and the health program. About 2,700 of them are registered with the Foundation. Patients benefit from these programs that contribute to improving the quality of life for these patients, especially in light of the turbulent increase in their numbers, as this number has reached, according to the latest statistics. The Palestinian Ministry of Health treats approximately 16,400 cancer patients in the Gaza Strip. We have faced the challenge of all the conditions that the society suffers from in the Gaza Strip to leave a clear imprint and a great impact for all cancer patients in the Strip, and we are very keen towards a more straight future through our responsible and distinguished services.
We at Basmat Amal Foundation have come to an occasion that is renewed every year from February, which is World Cancer Day 4/4, in which we intensify all efforts to spread awareness about the importance of early detection of cancer of all kinds in order to raise local and global awareness of this disease and to introduce its danger, methods of prevention and how to treat it Through prevention and early detection and treatment of the disease.
In conclusion, I direct my appeal to all national institutions and to the institutions concerned with coordination and cooperation in order to reach constructive efforts to serve this weak segment that deserves all support and assistance from everyone.

Honorary President of the Foundation
Dr.. Musa Abu Zaid